Warm greetings... Thanks for spending precious time of yours to see my creations.

I am Mythily Gowtham an emerging professional artist from “The Nilgiris” the place often referred to as "Queen of Hills" or the "Blue Mountains".

Art in me sprouted out progressively in my childhood. Since then I had been painting and now I’m on a bigger stage trying to reach the world class audience through my professional creations.

These arts that I’ve stacked in my gallery are a final product of my passion to art. With true dedication and love to art and with utmost professionalism I have given my fullest thoughts and innovations to create these paintings.

I always make sure my art does portray a life in it and I believe it brings a lot of joy and happiness to you. My true satisfaction is when my work blends into your life.

Thanks for recognizing me! Feel free to share your valuable thoughts that will help me in enhancing my work. I’m hoping our relation continues stronger and happier everyday. Visit again!!!